The Tallahassee Project





Tallahassee, FL, USA

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The Tallahassee Project (2020-current) is a series of installations, performances, and political activism in Tallahassee, Florida. Tallahassee, FL - as the state capital city and home to Florida's poorest zip code, 32304 - is currently the site of a developing culture oriented toward empathy and acceptance of lower class and houseless communities. 
I have been cultivating relationships with houseless individuals, the working class, activistic youth, and community leaders with a focus on genuine connection and solidarity. The formation of community and mutual aid networks has facilitated a greater impact of the installations and participatory performances. These pieces have successfully become safe community access points that encourage social engagement and empathy while also effectively antagonizing and exposing systems of power. 

As The Tallahasse Project continues, it becomes more complex, and the participatory aspect takes a larger role in the development of community responsibility as can be seen in We Can House Ann(2021-now).