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Born in Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

Raised in North Lauderdale > New Jersey > Texas > North Lauderdale > Hollywood > Davie > North Lauderdale > Orlando > Winter Park > Winter Springs > Orlando > Winter Springs > Orlando > Winter Springs > Orlando > Winter Springs > Orlando > Saint Cloud 

Lived In My Friend's Homes in Saint Cloud > In A House for Abandoned Youth > In A Dorm Room at UCF > In A House I Couldn't Afford > In My Birth Mother's House I Just(re)Met in Hollywood, FL > In The Streets of Orlando, FL > In a Tattoo Studio Stairwell > On Sexually Motivated Stranger's Couches > On the Sidewalk of Occupy Orlando > In a Wooden Box > Under a Table > On a Door in a Garbage Pile > In a Drug Den > In Occupy Tallahassee > In the House of a Man I Used > On Wet Nurse's Porch > In a Squat > In an Ex's Room > In a Tent in a Backyard > In Orange County Jail > In My Boyfriend's Mom's House > In a House Facing Eviction > Fort Lauderdale, FL > On a Puppet Troupe Tour Bus > In New Orleans Parish Prison > In the Down Together Haus in Houston, TX > On a Farm in Taos, NM > In a Van Under the Stars > In the Black Cat Collective House in Fort Worth, TX > On the East Florida Beaches > In the Woods > On a Freight Train > In the Peace House in Washington DC > In the White House Peace Vigil > Under the Seigenthaler Bridge in Nashville > Behind a Save-a-Lot Dumpster > In Occupy Harrisburg > Along the Susquehanna River > Behind the Philadelphia Museum of Art > In an Independent Philly Art Gallery > In 30th St Station > In a Hackensack Public Park > In Bergen County Jail > On a Megabus > In Central Park > In Occupy Wall Street > In Front of the Trinity Church > In a Homeless Camp in the Bronx > In a Warehouse on the Docks of NYC > On Hippie Hill, TN > In the Bolozone House in St. Louis, MO > In the School of Americas Watch Art Studio, GA > In Stone Mountain State Park, GA > In Father Nathan's Church > In the Lady's Den in Tampa, FL > Hollywood, FL > Boone, NC > Asheville, NC > Chinatown, Oakland, CA > Emoryville, CA > In the Redwood Forest > In a Daycare in Eugene, OR > In an Attic in Portland, OR > Vail, CO > Dallas, TX > In the Earth First Journal House > In a Haunted House in Davie, FL > In a Punk House in Dania Beach, FL > In Broward County Jail > In The Everglades > Hollywood, FL > Tallahassee, FL 32304 > On the Road in Vietnam > In WAP Parque in Tallahassee, FL > In My Studio > In a Box on Gaines St > In My Own Apartment in Tallahassee, FL

Lives in Tallahassee, FL, USA


Food Not Bombs Fort Lauderdale Arrest Homeless Hate Laws Nik Rye Artist

cv in brief

Projects & Collaborations
The Tallahassee Project, 2019-ongoing
The Autonomous Playhouse, 2012-2016

7 Days a Diamond, The Plant, Tallahassee, 2021

Arrested for Feeding the Houseless, Stranahan Park, Ft. Lauderdale, 2014

7 Days a Diamond Archive Show, The Plant, Tallahassee 2021, Solo

QuAR(T)antine Video Performance Call, Performance Køkkenet, Copenhagen 2020

Activism & Organizations
Tally Community Aid, Organizer, Tallahassee, 2020-ongoing
Black Lives Matter Broward Alliance, Member, Ft. Lauderdale, 2016

Lectures & Panels
Art Nunz Vision Train, Keynote Speaker, Tallahassee, 2021
Spare Change Tally with Keith McHenry, Host, Tallahassee, 2021

News Headlines

Sep 13, 2021 "Activist Creates Art to End Homelessness" ABC Tallahassee
Nov 06, 2014 "Busted for Feeding the Homeless" The Colbert Report

Awards & Grants
Excellence in Civil Disobedience Medal, ACLU Broward, 2015
The Legacy Fellowship, 2020-2023

2023 MFA Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL USA
2020 BA Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, USA
2018 AS Graphic Design, Broward College, FL, USA